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Once you've decided on your tattoo, the actual procedure begins. First the tattooist shaves the area where the tattoo will be placed with a disposable razor.
Using a paper towel, the area cleaned with an antiseptic solution. Another paper towel is run across the stick of clear deodorant and then applied your prepped skin to allow the image to stick to your skin.
Depending on where the tattoo is to be placed, the artist may asked you to stand or sit. Once the position is determined the tattooist carefully presses a stencil of your design into your skin & slowly peels it off. some tattooist draw freehand, if you completely trust your artist.
After a little petroleum jelly is traced around the stencil design (to help the tattoo machine glide easily your skin), the tattooist will find a starting point & with one hand, stretch out that patch.
Now its magic time. The tattooist presses the machine to your skin & outlines the design. initially it looks like the ink is going everywhere, but as the tattooist proceeds, the extra ink will be blotted off & you will see a nice clean line.
Depending on the size & complexity of piece, the tattoo can take anywhere from 30 mins to a few hours, even a few sessions. If you want the best work for your money then stop & come back another day. You can't rush perfection.
Once completed the area will be cleaned with alcohol / water solution & the tattooist will apply a light coast of 'A' & 'D' ointment or a comparable emollient .This shall help repair the damage done to your skin & aids in the healing process.
The tattoo area will be loosely bandaged wit surgical gauze & medical tape to avoid infection. Plastic wraps should be avoided.